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The aging process can cause frown lines and wrinkles to form on the face. The use of BOTOX® temporarily minimizes these lines, resulting in smoother skin. Advanced Skin Care & Permanent MakeUp in Libertyville, Illinois provides patients with BOTOX treatments for a youthful appearance.

Botox Q & A

What is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a cosmetic treatment that minimizes fine lines and frown lines on the face, particularly around the eyes and between the eyebrows. People who want smoother skin in these areas, and are considered good candidates, can get BOTOX treatments. This type of treatment provides temporary rather than permanent results.

How does it work?

Moving facial muscles in certain ways over the years, such as frowning, causes lines to form on the skin. This tends to happen as skin loses its elasticity with age. BOTOX targets muscles in particular areas and causes them to become less active than usual, albeit temporarily. This prevents frown lines and crow’s feet from getting worse and helps smooth a person’s appearance. BOTOX contains small amounts of a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium is responsible for decreasing muscle activity on a short-term basis.

Is BOTOX safe?

BOTOX injections are considered safe as long as they’re done by trained medical professionals. Individuals who have the treatment should be able to move the targeted muscles in their face. BOTOX causes slight discomfort, such as a pinching sensation, in some individuals. The use of a topical cream that numbs the skin before treatment minimizes this risk. Some individuals have experienced side effects from BOTOX treatments, such as dry mouth, soreness at injection sites, headaches, and blurry vision. In rare cases, individuals have had eyelid swelling or drooping. Those who are allergic to the ingredients in BOTOX should avoid the treatment.

How many BOTOX injections does a patient need?

The number of injections needed varies based on the severity of the frown lines and crow’s feet. Patients typically have 3 injections for each eye per session for crow’s feet and 5 injections in the forehead per session for frown lines. Those who have BOTOX treatments usually begin to notice results within 24-48 hours.

How long do BOTOX results last?

BOTOX results usually last for up to 4 months. Those who need additional treatments should follow the esthetician’s recommendation on how long to wait before having another treatment. For more information on BOTOX treatments, please contact Advanced Skin Care & Permanent MakeUp for an appointment.