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Are you bothered by your skin’s imperfections? You know — those bumps, marks, and the discoloration that makes you feel rather insecure about your image? DioLite Laser Skin Treatment at Advanced Skin Care and Permanent Makeup Medical Spa in Libertyville, IL can help.

DioLite Laser Skin Treatment Q & A

What Is DioLite Laser Skin Treatment?

The term “beauty mark” has been used by generation after generation to describe a bump or mark that graces a person’s face. However, any mark is an imperfection. Skin tags, moles, and bumps are all too common and can cause you to feel self-conscious, holding you back from living life to the fullest. Most people desire to get rid of these marks and have a smooth, blemish-free face that showcases glowing skin rather than a unique disruption.

The first thing that you should always do when you notice an abnormal growth on your skin is to consult your regular doctor and make sure that it is nothing serious. If the mark still bothers you, we can help, thanks to our DioLite Laser Skin Treatment. This is a quick, minimally invasive service that requires very little downtime. Going beyond marks and blemishes, DioLite can also correct blood vessels, keratosis, cysts, warts, and discoloration, among others. The price of your treatment will depend on the size of the area that you would like taken care of.

How Does DioLite Work?

The DioLite laser is a 532 nm diode laser that specifically targets red and black colors. An intense beam is generated, which focuses energy to a specific treatment site with the use of a pencil-thin handpiece. The light of the laser is absorbed by the red blood cells that carry oxygen to the area. This causes deconstruction by heat, removing the targeted blemish while leaving your healthy skin cells intact. The DioLite laser is both safe and effective and also relatively pain-free.

Our providers are specially trained to provide this unique treatment to clients so that they may have a great alternative to going under the knife or using useless products to obtain flawless skin. If you would like more information about our DioLite Laser Skin Treatment, contact a representative with Advanced Skin Care & Permanent Makeup Medical Spa in Libertyville, IL today to make an appointment.